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Interchange - October 2022

Good afternoon!


I hope you are enjoying the Fall weather as much as we are in Michigan. It’s my personal favorite time of the year.


As a reminder, in our last Interchange we discussed an article from McKinsey about attracting people to work in your organization.


This month we want to continue in that vein, thinking about your workforce issues. How do you retain and keep your staff healthy? How do you lead through all the burnout that people are feeling? This will serve as a good follow up conversation to the article on our blog: ARE WE FATIGUED, EXHAUSTED OR JUST TIRED? If you did not have a chance to read it, please do prior to our time next week.


In addition to the article, here is a quick video to get your wheels turning: Workforce Burnout | The-Culture-Experts (


Please come prepared to discuss these three questions:

  1. What in your organizational culture is contributing to people drifting towards fatigue, exhaustion, or burnout?

  2. How might you help address those contributing factors? How can you bolster your employee’s resilience?

  3. As a CEO, you are always leading by example. What example are you setting? How have you learned to deal with your own exhaustion?

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