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Tom Willis in conversation with Mosongo Moukwa

Mosongo Moukwa

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Join us for an inspiring podcast interview with Mosongo Moukwa, a renowned thought leader with 30 years of experience in leadership and organizational change. As President at Hathaway Advanced Materials and a former leader at world-class brands, his insights are invaluable.

He recently published his best-selling book "Be a Leader of Significance: Build Your Legacy, Leave an Impact" and I think his insights would be super valuable to your listeners.

Mosongo's message isn't another weighty management or leadership theory - it's a fresh approach to showing how leadership shows itself in daily moments and actions to create moments of significance that help others sustain their own personal and professional growth.

When you engage, empower, and mobilize the collective energy of your teams, new levels of performance follow, like turning on a light, then another, and another, until the entire room is lit, and Mosongo shares how implementing these practices points to measurable, quantifiable outcomes. Having worked with a wide range of organizations, he's seen the impact of these approaches, from leaders pivoting their thinking, to employees growing more engaged, to productivity shooting through the roof.

When an organization is mobilized in new ways, it becomes a powerful creative engine that makes room for extraordinary things to happen, which enhances the process of achieving collective goals and exceeding the loftiest expectations. Most importantly, these changes point the way forward beyond the notion of "achieving better numbers" and into sustained long-term success. Focusing purely on financial deliverables might grow a company’s bank accounts, but never grows its true wealth: the collective creativity and passion of its people.

Mosongo provides an actionable roadmap demonstrating the power of human connection and belief in our ability to achieve even the most challenging goals by building a culture of confidence and mastering meaningful engagement and communication, which will impact not only employees mind's, but their hearts as well.

Lastly, his work has been featured in Business Today, Crain's, and he is a regular contributor to Business Standard.

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