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Our methodology ensures effective implementation by:
  • Unleashing creativity through a team-based discovery process.         

  • Fostering personal commitment from each member of the team.    

  • Establishing individual accountability for execution.

CEOs call on us when they want an elegant, executable Strategy, rather than an unwieldy strategic plan that sits on a shelf collecting dust. 

This is critical today because as the world becomes more complex and competitive, it becomes harder and harder to find your strategic advantage.  And most companies don't do this well.


But don't take our word for it, the folks below spent millions of dollars confirming it;

  • A great majority of executives (64% of survey respondents) say that their biggest frustration factor is “having too many conflicting priorities.”

  • Half of the executives (50%) consider setting a clear and differentiating strategy a significant challenge.

Pricewaterhousecoopers strategy& research: 
McKinsey & Company quote:  

“Relatively few executives consider the forms of individual complexity that the vast majority of their employees face—for example poor processes, confusing role definitions, or unclear accountabilities.” Read more here. ​

Bain & Company tool:  
  • Is your strategic planning world class?  “Only 32% of CEO's think their Strategy is well designed and executable.”  

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