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About Us

We are a dedicated team of business people, psychologists, and educators with decades of experience.

Meet the team:

Brad Zimmerman
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Resourceful. Strategic.

Brad believes there is unlimited potential in the human spirit and that we all adopt beliefs that can limit our potential. Gaining access to this potential unleashes personal and organizational growth.


He turned to organizational coaching more than 30 years ago following a successful career in sales and operations.


Today, he helps businesses, nonprofits, and other organizations develop cultures that transform work environments so people grow and the organizations thrive.

Amber McCurtis


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Amber believes in the power of optimism. She is passionate about seeing others flourish in their true calling. She is a lover of fitness and is committed to helping other busy moms build confidence through a healthy lifestyle.
After a decade in the interior design and sales industry, she is a master at fostering relationships, paying attention to every little detail, and supporting clients.


She has found the greatest joys in life as a wife and mother to three daughters.

Yogesh Raj Buliya


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Yogesh believes deeply in integrity (doing what he says) and being of service to others. He is an expert in Digital Marketing, specializing in organic Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing & Social Media Marketing.


He has a strong analytical background in data mining, and he loves analyzing the dynamics of online trends. He creates and conceptualizes unconventional digital campaigns and online marketing strategies for businesses.


For over 14 years, he has successfully contributed to reshaping brand identities and has helped clients transition from offline to online marketing activities to stay relevant in their respective industries.

Tom Willis, MBA
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​International Coach Federation (ICF) certified coach


Tom believes we are all born with unlimited potential. As a former classroom teacher, he also believes in the power of lifelong learning.  These beliefs have shaped his primary goal in life: helping others move beyond their self-limiting beliefs so they can reach their God-given potential.  
Prior to co-founding Phoenix Partners, he had the great honor of serving as the CEO for Cornerstone, a school system in Detroit.  He was fortunate to earn an engineering degree from the University of Michigan and an MBA from the University of Notre Dame.  
He thanks God every day for his amazing wife and three wonderful children.

KevinDavis (1)_edited.jpg
Kevin Davis




​International Coach Federation (ICF) certified coach candidate

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Kevin is a passionate and engaging facilitator with a diverse background in consulting, nonprofit leadership, and global training. With his wealth of experience and authentic approach, Kevin guides individuals and teams to rediscover their core values, navigate challenges, and unlock their full potential.


Kevin's expertise lies in engaging, coaching, and inspiring individuals and teams to reach their full potential by fostering meaningful conversations, providing guidance, and offering fresh perspectives. His authentic and caring approach, coupled with effective communication skills, makes him a valuable asset for personal and professional growth.

Jermaine Davis


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Jermaine is a dynamic leader with over two decades of expertise in the telecommunications industry. As a Strategic Director and Visionary Leadership Expert, he excels in guiding teams and organizations to achieve exceptional results and lasting impact.

Blending military discipline, emergency response skills, and telecommunications acumen, Jermaine navigates complex challenges with precision and adaptability. His passion for fostering growth drives his approach to leadership and problem-solving.

Jermaine's focus on strong relationships, process standardization, and innovation empowers teams to reach their full potential. His compelling communication and cross-functional collaboration skills make him invaluable in strategic initiatives and transformative projects.

Our purpose:

We strive for a day when people are freed from self-limiting beliefs, unleashing their unlimited, God-given potential. A future in which all people enjoy educational, economic, and social opportunity. We have committed ourselves to making that happen. Our contribution to that future is to create organizational cultures that foster dramatic personal and organizational growth.

+ Creating such cultures in businesses contributes to economic growth and opportunity. 
+ Creating such cultures in not-for-profits expands social opportunity. 
+ Creating such cultures in educational organizations empowers future generations.

When people find meaning in their work, practice integrity, and become more aware of what they do and why they do it, they free themselves from fixed, limiting beliefs. Only then can they live up to their potential, accomplish personal and professional goals, and experience increasing levels of personal satisfaction.
We care deeply about our clients; for us it’s personal.

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