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Self Abuse & Your Critic

We've all heard that we're our own worst enemy or critic. The question is, do you believe that?

If Maya Angelou doubted her ability to write after authoring 11 books, or if Einstein's inner critic made him uneasy about accepting his accomplishments, then recognizing our own critical inner voice puts us in good company.

This inner voice, which we call the Critic, is that nagging, doubt-filled whisper that constantly points out flaws, shortcomings, and potential pitfalls. If you don't learn to recognize and manage it, your Critic can seriously limit your potential and hold you back from achieving your goals.

Your Critic is like a backseat driver, always quick to criticize and second-guess your decisions. It's the voice that says, "You're not good enough," "You're going to fail," or "People will laugh at you." This voice is driven by fear and thrives on keeping you in your comfort zone, where everything is familiar and safe.

But here's the thing: your comfort zone will keep you from growing and reaching your dreams. If you want to grow, succeed, and reach your full potential, you need to learn to distinguish your Critic's voice from your own and push past the self-doubt and negativity it breeds.

Think of it this way: your Critic is like a well-meaning but overprotective parent who doesn't want you to get hurt. It's trying to keep you safe, but in doing so, it's also holding you back from taking risks, trying new things, and aspiring for greater impact.

Most importantly, your Critic is just one voice in your head – it's not the truth. It is not you. You have the power to choose which voice you listen to and which thoughts you give energy to. By learning to distinguish your Critic's voice and talk back to it with positivity and self-belief, you can break free from its limiting grip and unlock more of your potential.

The good news is that once you learn to recognize your Critic's voice, you can start to keep it in check. When it starts telling you that you're not capable or that you're going to fail, you can respond with evidence to the contrary. Remind yourself of your strengths, your past successes, and the times you've overcome challenges.

So, what's your Critic saying right now? What’s it telling you about yourself or your day? Recognize it for what it is: a fear-based voice that wants to keep you small. Then, take a deep breath, remind yourself of your strengths and capabilities, and keep moving forward. Don't let your Critic win – you've got too much greatness inside you to let that happen.


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